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The first official outing from Catastrophe Theory Arts is also the first of a series - a new take on the multi-artist variety show -

an evening of music, poetry, story and dance with a roster of amazing artists all set up to make something fun, or fail spectacularly!

Directed by Stephen Pruitt and Rebecca Whitehurst and featuring new work by:

Abe Louise Young
Alexa Capareda
Alyson Dolan
Amy Myers
Carissa Topham
D. Poet Powell
Dany Casey
Datri Bean
Errin Delperdang
Jack Anthony Dunlap II
Jeff Luna
Joey Hood
Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance
Kelly Hasandras
Lauryn Gould
Rosalyn Nasky

Workshop #1 will perform three nights, March 24 - 26 at 8pm at Salvage Vanguard Theater, 2803 Manor Road, Austin, Texas.

Tickets are sliding scale starting at $15.


Catastrophe Theory Workshops is a new venture born out of the desire to create original work and explore storytelling and performance in a low-risk experimental format, with an emphasis on collaboration and an interest in science and the arts. We’d tell you more, but frankly it’s a bit of an adventure and we’re curious to see where it goes.


For more information about the performance or Catastrophe Theory Arts email us.



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